What are center-based programs?

Center-based services are those that are provided on-site at Applied Behavioral Connections’ Treatment Center, rather than in the home, school, or community. We have chosen, as an organization, to employ a center-based model in light of its many advantages.

Applied Behavioral Connections’ center-based model is designed to promote growth in your child’s skills across many facets of development including social interaction, play skills, communication, and adaptive skills. Our facility offers a fun, welcoming environment where learning and social interaction occur more naturally.


Benefits of Center Based Therapy

The vast majority of families participating in early intervention want their children to eventually transition to a mainstream environment; particularly a school. A therapy schedule that’s primarily home-based doesn’t achieve that goal as quickly. Here is why center-based therapy offers a higher quality of therapy:

  • Access to peers which create more opportunities for social interaction and imitation of appropriate peer behavior.
  • Heightened supervision and consultation opportunities with Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) on-site.
  • Ideal setting for generalization of skills in a setting that is less familiar than home.
  • Opportunity to practice following classroom routines which may increase the likelihood of child transitioning to traditional school environment more easily
  • Quicker access to impromptu supervision and oversight. At any point during the therapy session, the BCBA can observe, assess, and modify the therapy in real-time.
  • Opportunity to integrate in-home services when clinically relevant to support generalization and skill building
  • Children have access to both 1:1 therapy and group learning environments
  • Offer access to a variety of reinforcers and materials as compared to home setting.